FIFA UT is by far the most addictive mode in FIFA’s arsenal. It’s a mode which allows the player to take control of their aspirations as a manager. They start by creating their own squad from amateur all the way up until legendary status.

Players available in FIFA UT’s transfer market; formed as trading cards can be traded with friends. Alternatively they can be proposed as part of an offer for a particular player of your choosing.

Another way to acquire players other than through the transfer market is packs. Packs come in standard to premium forms.Bronze, silver, gold or special. All contain a certain amount of value with a mixture of rare and standard items. The main problem with this is that there is a huge element of luck involved.

How can you earn coins in FIFA UT?

There are various methods you can use when increasing your budget for you to build your strongest ultimate team.

A traditional way is the rack up as many titles and trophies in volume. Yet this can repetitive and laborious, plus investing in packs can be unrewarding as many tend to be worthless in the long run.

Fifa UT

Fifa UT

Trading through the transfer market can be quite effective too providing you have gold rares to trade, for example players like Ronaldo and Messi go for millions of coins. Plus in-forms add massive value to your ultimate team assisting your achievement rewards.

Using points purchased from PS Store or Xbox Live isn’t really that efficient because of the huge luck in packs but it’s an optional method nonetheless.

The techniques I’ve found most useful are actually purchasing coins directly from vendors online. The most reliable vendor I’ve used on FIFA UT is the official Trading Center Platform; it gives you all sorts of resources to incorporate other than only generating coins. Such as updated buy/sell prices on an hourly basis and a recommended trading list.